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In India, Medical Device Industry is fast growing with ever changing global requirements:

  • The need for Developmental Testing and Product Evaluation is increasing.

  • There are new and upcoming product improvements with the new and latest scientific studies as well as design engineering for value addition to the devices making the safer and effective Medical Devices for their intended use, reducing complications.

  • In India, most of the Organizations are micro and small enterprises and most of these are being run by Entrepreneurs depending upon their own resources (self finance than the support from Financial Institutions) so as to remain competitive.

  • When evaluated it was found that the cost of setting up individual test set-up is costing so high and also the utilization of test set up was not that high compared to cost of all the required resources put together. The recurring operating cost also is very high. As a result the Entrepreneurs and Top Managements were not able to take decision.

  • A pool of Professionals realized the necessity of a testing facility for the ongoing and ever-growing testing requirements for the various medical devices wherein the burden of setting up a test facility is not responsibility of an Individual or a one organization rather the Pool of Organizations contribute towards setting up one test set up that can cater to the testing requirements for those Organizations who participate and become members of this Testing Organization by having a certain Membership Fee.

  • IMDA is beginning of Realization of This Necessity
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